Friday, May 30, 2008

The Plan - Part I

DCA (dichloroacetate) is a cheap and simple molecule that has been used for a number of years to treat rare metabolic diseases in children. In January of 2007, Dr. Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta discovered that DCA had the ability to shrink cancer tumours in rats up to 100% in some cases, and in as little as 5 weeks.

Dr. Michelakis discovered that DCA "turns on" the mitochondria in cancer cells despite the long held belief that the mitochondria in cancer cells suffered irrevocable damage. With the mitochondria turned on, "the DCA re-activates the apoptosis mechanism", or the suicide mechanism in cancer cells and as a result, they die off rapidly.

I imagine Dr. Michelakis and his colleagues had quite the celebration that night. Finally, the cure for cancer.

Unfortunately, the doctor's smile may have turned to a frown when he found that DCA was not patentable as a molecule. There was no incentive for private companies to spend the millions of dollars needed to get DCA approved as a cancer treatment by Health Canada or the FDA. .

So when Dr. Michelakis' first paper came out explaining the astonishing effects of DCA on tumours in rats and why no one would support its development, cancer patients continent-wide were flooding cancer centres with calls about DCA. People with all stages and types of cancer were phoning in on their knees, begging for human trials to be approved.

When none of the cancer centres responded, people starting purchasing the compound and making DCA at home; people started "dealing" in DCA all over the world. On certain sites, people were petitioning for DCA and on other sites you'd find people begging for it. People were offering their left overs to those who were desperate.

So, a year and half after Dr. Michelakis' research room revelry, we now have (created of course, of the people, by the people, and for the people - despite it being a Canadian descovery) the DCA Site ( and Buy ( amongst many other DCA related sites.

Despite its world wide web presence, the majority of cancer patients know nothing about it because it hasn't been approved for Phase I clinical trials in the States or Canada. It's effectiveness in clinical trials, can only be summarized by Phase II trials (Phase I trials merely determine dosage) and we're simply not there yet.

If the cure for cancer is in a simple molecule, a simple pill, and not in expensive radiation equipment, chemical therapy and 12 hour surgery, something mighty is going to go down!

I found out about DCA in January from a friend of mine who told me that her and her husband had seen it on TV and read an article about it. I went straight to my "alternative" cancer doctor and said "tell me where I can get this "CDA" stuff in Vancouver." He said "I don't know anything about "CeeDA", but I can refer you to a Doctor in Kits who can get DCA for you."

Since then, I found a centre in Toronto who has received approval from the Ontario Health Board to prescribe DCA and monitor its results. I'm currently taking DCA and they are monitoring me closely. We shall see.

I wish I was a rat, I wish I was a rat, I wish I was a rat...


Kim said...

Oh yes, oh yes...there is nothing in the plan to have anything but this happen, your cells healthy and happy, our family happy and whole. Max is here, you are here, Kelly is here, and we will all talk about the time we got such a scare, and you had to carry such a weight.
Maybe it will be the day you hold your grandchild.
We will be so grateful, then.

somethingelse said...

Work the plan, baby... if you need to be rat right now, we'll all support you in that.

This is a great hope, is it in any way affordable? or can we put together another fundraiser to help pay for it? How about a paypal donation button on your blog, at the very least...

I was reading about another alternative therapy - you've probably already found it... but i'll look it up again. Some Dr in Quebec...

bill said...

That is a fascinating development -- one imagines a world where you go downtown and a guy comes up to you: "Pot? Acid? DCA?"

Funny how consonant this treatment sounds with your immune system/nutrition thing. I think I'm feeling hopeful!

Andy said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us up to date on your progress. I hope so bad that DCA is the answer to cancer. I'm tired of it taking friends and loved ones.

Anonymous said...

DCA all the Way.
Sending all positive.......and happy DCA thoughts to you

Anonymous said...

What a nice post to read on a cloudy Monday morning. I feel a great hope and I am sending positive vibes your way.