Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Words for Treice

I want to leave the words I prepared for Treice's memorial service and will be taking what others expressed at that time and posting them.....

"I would first like to thank all of you for coming here today to celebrate Treice’s life. I would especially like to show my everlasting gratitude to her great and good friends who have helped her and Max and I in her final days with us.
This has been a difficult time for all of us. Treice was loved by so many, and loved me as no one has loved me before.
Her strength has inspired us and the take no bull attitude she learned from her dad will serve our family well for the years ahead.
I’ve been told that Treice was deserving someone like me for this time in her life and Max is my reward for being with her.
I would finally like to share a letter I wrote for her in November, although I didn’t give it to her until sometime in January after which she taped it to the mirror in our room.

A letter to my wife

This is something no one would ever want to write. The cruel fate of looking for you all my life, only to have this terrible sickness take you from me.
The fearlessness you have shown me in your day to day living will stay with me forever.
I cannot dwell on the things we would have done, but can remember the love/joy/freedom of the things we have done together.
Max will know all the love you have for him, as I have been entrusted to pass it down to him. Every crossroad we reach will bring the question, “What would Treice do?”, and knowing, we will do the right thing.
The loneliness of what you are facing is beyond any words I can offer, knowing I will have to face it myself some day will not help you or me. All I can hope for is you find an inner peace and know how much love surrounds you.
You don’t really know my thoughts on God, I hardly know them myself, but my hope is that we are all small pieces of one larger whole, with our own experiences, and when we leave this world we return to the larger thing we are a part of to share what we have learned.
I will continue to make you proud and will show Max how to be a good man. ( he knows already)
I know tears will come, many of them. I can’t say why they haven’t started yet.

Well, they have now…"


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful Kelly. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My dear son, Kelly. You are a wonderful man, and Treice was lucky to have you and Max in her life and she knew it. You know how she loved you and Max. I am proud of how you cared for her in her darkest times. The little while I spent trying to help out brought me so close to her. I will always have her in my heart.
I love you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting your words and the others words from Treice's memorial. I greatly appreciate being able to read what was said.
Thinking of you and Max,