Monday, July 21, 2008

No More

I've decided not to write here for now.


Anonymous said...

Miss you and your Rockin' Chair

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's me Elizabeth from the DCA site. I only sent u emails today. I was wanting to chat with you...... How r u doing?
Ok, I'll leave it to you to get ahold of me if u like.

Reuvena said...

DEAR TREICE, RE DOCTOR WANG 604 255 4166 ..SAW YOU LAST NIGHT AT THE WISE CLUB AND WANTED TO GIVE YOU DOCTOR WANG"S PHONE NUMBER FOR YOU TO GO TO HIM. He moved from the east end to the west side of town and i am presuming his phone number is still the same. I will check that tomorrow and if not i will come back and give you the good one. TWAS 602 255-4166. AT THE VERY LEAST HIS LASER ACUPUNCTURE CAN RELIEVE PAIN, STRESS, TENSION.. HE KNOWS A LOT ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS< IS CHI GUNG MASTER and has helped out friends who needed advice and treatments. I would babysit for you two if you need it, or be there for you for whaever purpose so please email me if you can. Only work some days so have some weekdays free as well as most weekend days. xx R